Monday, May 3, 2010

Who Am I?

It’s amazing, but this most basic question is one that so many of us ask but so few of us know how to answer.  Before you throw away your current life in search of the answer, take some time to do some self-discovery.  You might find you already like who you are!

1. What do I like?

2. What do I NOT like?

3. What are my values?

4. What do each of the words I used to describe my values mean to me?

5. How would I describe my reputation?

6. What kind of reputation do I want to have?

7. Who do I want to BE?

8. What do I want to DO?

9. What do I want to HAVE?

10. What other goals do I have?

11.  What are 15 things I want to accomplish before I die?

12. How do I want people to describe my life on my 80th birthday?

13. What is my proudest moment?

14. What moment in my life am I least proud of?

15. What are my top 5 strengths?

16. What are my top 5 weaknesses?

These are just a few questions to get you thinking about that most basic question we all ask.  Schedule 30 minutes into your planner this week and begin answering these questions. This could be one of the most important exercises you will ever do, because this exercise will help you find your identity and your purpose!