Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Questions for Self-Discovery

We Americans have heard it said by many people that those people made whatever selfish decision they made because they wanted to “find” themselves.  Wouldn’t it be great if people could find themselves without making poor, selfish, or regrettable choices?  At the beginning of the month I posted some basic questions for self-discovery, questions that help us answer that age-old question “Who am I?”  I got some positive feedback from that blog, so I decided to present some follow-up questions to get us all thinking about who we are so that we don’t “find ourselves” in a big fat mess later on in life.

1. If I had all the money and resources I could ever need, what would I spend my time, money, and effort doing?

2. What population of people do I have a knack for attracting?

3. What population of people do I want to attract?

4. Do I enjoy being with children, teenagers, young adults, middle-aged adults, the elderly, or special needs

5. What is my passion?

6. If I were to serve in a branch of the military, which would it be?  Why? What job would I want to have?

7. What 5 things keep me from achieving my goals?

8. What 5 things helped me achieve my goals in the past?

9. What are the spiritual gifts that God has blessed me with?

10. What talents has God given me (remember that talents do not have to be fine arts like singing, drawing, dancing, or acting; talents can include being able to understand how and why things work, teaching, cooking, making things grow, encouraging others, setting and meeting goals, coaching others, etc…)?

11. What is attractive to me about my church?

12. What do I love about my closest friends?

13. What types of qualities do I tend to bring out in others?

14. Do I tend to follow the rules or break them?

15. Who do I respect?  Why? What qualities do they have that I respect?

16. Is there anyone I do not respect?  Why? What qualities do they have that I disrespect?

17. Do I control my emotions, or do my emotions control me?

18. What areas of my life would I like to improve?

19. What areas of my life am I satisfied with?

20. Am I willing to ask for help to change my life for the better?

These are great questions to ask to help us get better acquainted with ourselves. Another resource for us is the DISC inventory, which helps us understand more about our personality. Crown Financial Ministries offers a free version of the DISC on their website.  Just click on “Find out now” which is right underneath “What's your Crown Money Map Personality I.D.?” and take the short (5-10 minutes) personality inventory.  Make sure to read the instructions before taking the inventory.  Good luck, and happy self-discovering!